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I don't know, I tend to disagree. I don't think the money has much to do with it at all, in fact. These guys have plenty of other stuff they could be doing to make money. I tend to think it's more about the rest of the band wanting to do TOOL stuff, but Maynard is so busy with his other endeavors (musical and otherwise), that they just haven't been able to get everyone in the same place to focus on TOOL for an extended period (and maybe Maynard isn't the only one, he's just the one with the most obviously full plate lately). This slowness to produce has led to frustration on the part of the fans (myself included, to be sure), and all sorts of other more sinister theories start to percolate up from the depths (most of which are pure conjecture - even mine).

I do agree that they could play somewhat longer sets for what they charge for tickets, but those of you who have seen them live all know that a TOOL show is a big fucking deal and it isn't cheap to make it happen. That, and let's face it, since these guys don't tour or release albums that often, they do need to make a living somehow, so they charge what they can get - like anyone would. If it truly wasn't worth the price, the fans would stop going eventually - and they haven't. TOOL is simply charging what the market will bear, and as long as they continue to be as good as they are at producing their album sounds in a live setting as well as blowing our minds with intense visuals, I will continue to go see them live and buy their albums. Simple as that.
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