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I only watched the first hour/hour and a half and.....

I read the live "Spoilers" (West Coast here) so I knew that Punk wasn't coming back, even though the ending sure seemed like it was going to happen.... but when his music hit and the crowd went berserk I got chills.... I knew it was Heyman, but it was still just chilling to hear the love that Punk WOULD have gotten. I miss Punk as much as the next guy, it would be amazing for him to come back, but gotta respect him for his decision. If he isn't coming back in his home town of Chicago, then I am sure he won't be back any time soon.

The Uso's winning the title was AWESOME. So good for them, hope the New Age Outlaws call it quits now. I love them, but please, give the new blood some room.

Cesaro, yes, wasted talent last night, but still so fun to watch. Side note... the crowd needs to learn how to count

Shield vs Wyatt's... YES, YES, YES, YES. That match was great.... they really needed to save that match for WrestleMania.
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