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So my full Raw rundown!

Main Event Taping - El Lucadores really suck, and having Ryback and Axel wrestling before the taping is sad, they really got buried. Locadores winning against them is even worse. Titus O Neal vs Zack Ryder sucked as well.

Onto Raw

- All night even before the main event taping the Punk chants were loud and insane. Throughout the entire night I'm saying at least 100 Punk chants happening. Beginning of Raw with Punks video the chant was almost deafening. Never heard a crowd so loud in my life. Crowd booed most of Heyman. Crowd booed Lesner and cheered Henry. Chanted holy shit and this is awesome when he picked him up and F-5'd him through a table.

-New Age Outlaws got booed so badly, Usos pop was huge. Road Dogg tried going against the crowd and got booed to shit. Usos winning the belt and the crowd went nuts.

-Divas match, the only thing people cheered for was the Bellas shaking their ass and we want puppies.

-Del Rio v Christian. Crowd gave zero shits for Christian. Booed him and Del Rio. Many this match sucks, boo, this is boring, this is awful, we want wrestling, cm punk, yes, and even JBL and Jerry Lawler chants to which both announcers acknowledged. Every time a close pin would happen the crowd would boo and chant this match sucks. Also even got a Ziggy and We Want Ziggler chant in there.

-Shield v Wyatts. Holy fuck that match was insane. Crowd loved both and even when they were doing the stare down from ramp and ring the crowd was chanting this is awesome. All high flying moves got a holy shit chant and most of the match was spent chanting this is awesome. Crowd loved and it didn't care who won. Fucking great match.

-Big E vs Cesaro / Big E vs Swagger. Crowd chanted we the people alot, LOVED Cesaro and booed Swagger. Big E got very little love. Chanted swagger sucks alot.

- D-Bry got nonstop love. Never have I saw so many people into the same thing. An entire sold out arena on their feet chanting yes and doing finger pokes in the air. Gave me goosebumps. HHH and Steph walking out got cheers since its HHH then boos. Steph also has a huge fat ass. When the crowd booed Steph so loud she couldn't talk she kept looking away smiling and laughing. Whenever Steph talked the crowd booed so loudly that we weren't able to hear her. I still don't know what she said. HHH got booed, called a asshole. Punk chants, Yes chants, douchebag, tool, you sold out, nonstop. Kane got booed as well.

-Paul Bearer announcement had the crowd on their feet cheering and clapping for several minutes.

-Batista got booed like nuts. Even the previews for him got booed. You cant wrestle, you look winded, you suck, boo, chants about bad shape, bootista, and more. Dude is horrible and in such bad health. It was pathetic to see. His powerbomb to D-Bry was shit and the crowd called him on a few moves he botched. You could see he was pissed. Orton was booed at well. After Raw went off the air Big Show came to D-Brys rescue then we he got overpowered Cena came out. Finished the night with all three doing their finisher to Orton.

-Fandango and his bimbo v Santino and Emma was great. The dancing to 'dango was funny but god damn Emma is huge. The arena blew up for him. God damn she is hot was well. Match was okay but fuck Emma can wrestle.

-When Ziggy drove up to the ramp in the car and came out the place blew up. I jumped out my seat and screamed (not expecting him to be there) then Aaron Paul runs out of the car (also didn't know he was there) and the place went nuts. Jesse chants and Ziggler chants galore. Short match but still Aaron Paul was clearly loving it as he was standing on the announcer table.

-Cena was great. Chicago fucking hates him and he kept breaking character clearly. Between booing him, cheering that he can't wrestle, and cheering that the Wyatts got him it was loud and fun.

Overall I may be missing some stuff but RAW was great. The crowd was over the top loud, insane, and so not PG so I'm assuming 90% of this was muted live. Ill add more if I remember.

Also June 1st, Payback PPV in Chicago!
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