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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
...against Triple H.

I'm sorry guys but the WWE ain't changing Wrestlemanias main event. You know why? How many of you are still ordering it? I'd say most of us. We'll bitch, moan and complain but we'll all still fork out money to watch it. And the WWE wins. No matter what crap they throw at us they'll still make a fortune. It's been going on like that for years. And it will keep going on like that until the day Vince dies. And by then Triple H and Staph will have been moulded to the same mindset as Vince.

What the WWE needs to change is another huge downturn in the industry, and that won't happen for at least five to ten years.
Agree completely. WWE needs competition and let's be real there isnt any.

With that being said I dont order PPV's nor have I watched one in awhile and prob wont watch WM this year.

If they bring back Punk hopefully that's a sign of change to come.