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I've actually liked the promos for Willow so far. For the first time ever i'm finding Jeff Hardy interesting. This is also the first time he's ever had a character. For some reason, i'm looking forward to how the character plays out. I give the guy credit for trying something new on TV considering the success he's had, it won't be easy for him to completely reinvent himself. It's odd that i'm interested in this considering i've never cared for Jeff Hardy.

Thoughts on the network so far:

I'm not surprised the nudity is edited out on the network. Miss Kitty's tits weren't anything that special from what I remember so no big loss there. She's was a nice looking woman but i've seen a lot better.

I watched a little bit of ECW November To Remember 1999 (I was there) and the language Taz used in the opening promo was not edited.

I'm still having buffering issues on my PS3 when trying to watch the on demand content. I've read that other PS3 users are having the same issues, so hopefully they can get that taken care of.

The live stream content has run pretty good for me so far. Every so often it will pause for a few seconds and then pick up again. The only live stream issue I had was when I was watching the live NXT special thursday night and the feed crapped out on me before the main event. I read tons of other people had that happen to so at least I wasn't alone there.

I hope the buffering issues get worked out soon because having all this content available to view is a wrestling fans wet dream.

Since the live NXT feed went out, I really hope they're ready to handle the viewers that Mania will bring in. It will be a total fucking disaster if they're not.
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