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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post

Released In 2000

X-Men have always been my favorite group of superheroes. You got Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine (my favorite superhero of all-time), just to name a few of the most awesome ones. The first movie I saw in the series was Last Stand, and I actually didn't watch the first two until after I saw X-Men: First Class. To be honest I love all of the ones I've seen, including X-Men: Origins, but the first one stands out by me as the best. The star of all of them really (except for First Class) is definitely Hugh Jackman, who is the absolute BEST person they could have picked to play Wolverine. With great superhero action and a classic story of good vs. evil, this definitely stands out as one of the best superhero movies for me.

Favorite character: Logan/Wolverine

Favorite quote:
[commenting on the X-Men uniforms]
Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things?
Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?

Favorite scene: Final battle

Favorite song off soundtrack: actually never heard this ones soundtrack, I'm not even sure if one was released.
I really enjoy these movies, though they're a little wide of the mark from the source material.

You'll grow out of loving Wolverine. I don't mean that in a 'you're a kid!' sort of way, just that when you delve deeper into comic books and characters, Wolverine feels a little bland and you get sick of him being in every story.
Yesterday don't mean SHIT.
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