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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Entry-level? Those are all great films, though films like Looper and Safety Not Guaranteed haven't been around too long so I'd be iffy on them, but the rest are very solid.

Often thought about this. My personal favorite films of all time are Dawn of the Dead (original) and Cabin in the Woods, after that it gets verrrrrrrry grey. Might put together a list sometime when I have free time to think about it.
<3 I think most of the stuff I listed is all relatively well-known, so that's really what I meant by 'entry-level'. While they're all good, I don't know if you'd be able to look at this list and say "jeez, this guy is a film connoisseur if I've ever seen one." Which is my problem: I want to be a connoisseur of everything.

Looper and Safety are probably the two I'm most unsure about, too.

Also, whenever I decide to watch Cabin again, it'll probably be in that list.
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