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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post

Released In 2007

There only two things I want to say about this movie: 1) it's a whole two hours and fifteen minutes of non-stop fun, and 2) Bumblebee made me decide that the 1979 Camaro is the coolest car in the world.

Favorite character: Bumblebee

Favorite quote:
Optimus Prime: With the All Spark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a new world to call home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.

Favorite scene: Bumblebee Vs. Barricade

Favorite song off soundtrack: No Sacrifice, No Victory

Transformers on a best movie ever list.


With that being said I cant to see your top 10
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