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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Thanks for the comments fellers. Keep 'em coming to the rest of ye.

Yeah I tried using WinAmp a few times Manks, and I just couldn't get into it. I keep going back to WMP for some reason. I don't use the library feature, though, because it annoys me to no end when the files I get (sometimes from sketchy sources, although I do buy and rip everything I like eventually) are improperly tagged and make a mess out of the library. Sounds like that'll probably happen when I become an iTunes user, so...yeah.

To AnthG and Adam - I have about 500 GB of music, which I keep on a portable hard drive, which is why it's extremely dificult for me to just hit shuffle on my entire library. My new iPod is only a Nano (16 GB), so I plan to transfer all of my stuff into the new library as I listen to it, basically, with the eventual goal of getting it all in there so I can catalog and keep track of it, and only sync the albums I care to listen to at any given time. Does anybody else do it that way? Am I asking for trouble, or is that a pretty workable method?
I have maybe sixty gigabytes on my hard drive, and a two gigabyte iPod. I just use the random fill option and take what I get on the iPod. Then I'll use random fill the next day and so on.
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