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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
The new artwork of course isn't as majestic as the Dwellings artwork, but I still really like it. I can't wait to hear this record.
Artwork with a "majestic" vibe wouldn't work for Earth Diver. This album is a lot darker than Dwellings IMO. From what I remember of the songs, this artwork is totally perfect for the vibe and sound that the music had. A lot more sinister, a lot heavier, just really different from Dwellings in general but still totally sounds like Cormorant.

I probably said it earlier at some point, but these guys all utterly annihilated with their performances in the studio. Brennan's parts on this album would make most drummers die halfway through the song, but dude kept nailing solid takes one after another and wouldn't even need a break. Just an incredible band to watch track. You guys are also gonna like Marcus a lot I think. His bass playing was really versatile and he has a really strong voice on top of that.
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