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Protector - Misanthropy - September, 1987

Yet another German band, Protector are relatively young, having only formed in 1986. While their sound is every bit as aggressive as that of their countrymen, their style is more akin to some of the more extreme bands popping up on the other side of the big pond, bands like Possessed & Sepultura. In fact, a very good comparison would be Brazil's Mutilator, although Protector are much better songwriters than that band. While Protector's default speed is breakneck, they often break into cool midpaced sections or crushing doomy passages to keep things fresh. Some of the riff transitions are a little rough, and not every one of the 6 songs here entirely holds your interest, but this is a worthwhile debut EP.

Standouts: The Mercenary, Kain and Abel

Score: 7/10
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