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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
When both Maiden's Early Days set list and the cut Ozzfeast set list came out, I was right out there with the cry baby complainers. After hearing the full set in Denver and the cut one three separates times, I was so fucking wrong. Maybe you had to be there to experience. The energy was incredible.

The issue with Edguy's set list was that they were in no way co-headliners (as advertised in places); they were clearing playing a support role for Hammerfall sans mandatary ass-kissing of the headliner. Edguy's set was no different than Maiden's cut Ozzfest list... full of energy and lacking nothing. They did well with the time allotted, which wasn't nearly enough, especially since I saw them headline in Hollywood. Edguy needed to headline. That's it.

BTW, those of you who listen on the internet... remember when Tobias started pitching Edguy shirts and he pointed the finer virtues of their merch re: women? He was talking to me and my date who were going fucking nuts in the pit. Yes, I have added another to the flock of my Edguy cult. Our number now stands about five.

Attendance was only a couple of hundred (250-300) at best. The over 21 clearly impacted.
Glad you enjoyed the show I really wanna see them live
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