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Exumer - Rising From the Sea - September, 1987

Exumer's debut was a promising one. Released only a year-and-a-half earlier, they came off as some kind of Exodus-meets-Destruction hybrid with winding, catchy riffs and inspired vocals. Possessed By Fire had some rough spots, but it was the real deal. So, my main question is, what the fuck happened on Rising From the Sea? A new vocalist, for one. Paul Arakari replaces Mem von Stein on bass and vocals, and the results are less than desirable. Arakari utilizes a more American-sounding hardcore bark with the occasional scream as opposed to von Stein's more rabid and entirely German-sounding snarl. Then there's the riffs, which are just fucking boring. There are some bright spots here and there, but very rarely does Rising From the Sea even aspire to reach the heights that its predecessor did.

Standouts: Shadows of the Past, I Dare You

Score: 4/10
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