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2 shows this week:

Show A: The Non-Metal Mindscrew II (playlist selected by Mr. Grasselli of the Mike Portnoy Forum)

*Playlist, check it out to find out*

Show B: The 2014 Music Showcase:

Vanishing Point- King of Empty Promises
Freedom Call- Heart of a Warrior
Vanden Plas- VISION 10n * INSIDE *
Skull Fist- Dont Stop The Fight
Amoral- No Familiar Faces
The Kindred- An Evolution of Thought
Junius- Battle in the Sky
Fate Control- Nothing
Aeon's Fall- The Failure of Ascension
A Sense of Gravity- Answers Lost
Burrow- Wooden Flesh
Gridlink- Constant Autumn
Ethereal Logic- Superior
Narcotic Wasteland- Keeping Up With The Jones
Hannes Grossmann- Alien Utopia
Descend- Confined By Evil
Thyrien- Vengeance Through My Soul
Kampfar- Our Hounds, Our Legion
Whispered- Hold the Sword
Exmortus- Metal Is King
Rain Of Acid- Broken
Fear Of Domination- Legion
Toska Monolith- To Save Our Souls
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