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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So you want nobody to voice their opinion unless they are saying how great your list is? No opinions needed at all? You really need to grow up and learn how the internet and for that matter how a forum works. Everyone comments on everything, doesn't matter if that person doesn't like or even give a fuck about what the topic is.
Yes I know how a forum works, you only have explained it a hundred times, and frankly no matter how you slice it it's a waste of time to just attack someones opinion.If you disagree with a thing on the list (or even multiple things on the list), sure tell me, but saying this list is going to suck before it really has started or hating just because you can is truly ridiculous and a true waste of time, you can't convince me any different.Looks like you have a bigger problem, all you seem to care about is how I don't like hate.
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