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41.) Vanden Plas- Chronicles Of The Immortals - Netherworld

Vanden Plas is another band that hasn't really been on my radar, which after listening to this album, is really quite a shame. This is a concept album that was co-written with author Wolfgang Hohlbein. The music is quite dark for Progressive Metal dealing with the Netherworld. You can definitely hear some Dream Theater aspects at times. The music is catchy and memorable as well as grand and epic feeling. It's definitely worth checking out if you want to hear some dark-inspired Progressive Metal.


42.) The Unguided- Fragile Immortality

Another band that is taking the Synth driven Modern Death Metal route. I actually dig this a bit more than Dead By April, it doesn't feel nearly as poppy despite the synths and a bit more like the more metal side of Amaranthe without female vocals. Again I must stress that I feel Raunchy is getting screwed over, but this is some damn good stuff.


43.) Whispered- Shogunate Macabre

As rightly described as the Japanese influenced Ensiferum, this is some magnificent Folkish Death Metal. every song gets catchier and catchier. taking the oriental folk influence and creating some killer Metal along with it. I highly recommend this album and regard it as one of the best albums of the year and so far the best Folk metal album to come out, but again, it's only February.


44.) Mogwai- Rave Tapes

Mogwai is definitely one of those Post Rock bands that don't want to repeat themselves, ever. This album is pure Post Rock but with that Rave synth in the background. I like to refer to it as the 80's soundtrack keyboard synth sound, but I know it's popular in Rave Culture. Mogwai is definitely the kind of band that creates soundtrack albums more than individual songs, so it flows together really well in one listen rather then a song at a time. it's not my usual type of Post Rock that I love, but Mogwai is anything but typical Post Rock.


45.) Ashen Horde- Sanguinum Vindicta

Another album that I feel will go under the radar unless I try to help promote it. This is some killer Proggy Black Metal. It's odd hearing Black Metal being done in odd time signatures, but it done so very well. The production isn't perfect but fans of Enslaved and Borknager would definitely dig on this band a lot. Very Cool stuff.


46.) Aeon's Fall- Echoes Of Remembrance

Symphonic Metalcore, what an odd thing to think of, but I did mention Symphonic Deathcore before so this is a bit more to my liking. It's got that Metalcore edge to it with more soloing and a lot more symphonics which gives the genre a whole new spin. I'm digging on this a lot and I didn't think I necessarily would. It's odd at first but captures you after a while. Check it out!


47.) A.C.T.- Circus Pandemonium

Another underground Progressive Rock band that is undeserving under the radar. They are an amazing Prog band that is not stereotypical Prog. Like the album title suggests, the album is kinda all over the place song by song, but each song is so damn good. It's been 8 years since their last album and that is far too long, but at least they made up for it but creating one hell of a Prog album that feels like you're at a three ring circus having the time of your life.


48.) Earth Crisis- Salvation Of Innocents

Legendary Straight Edge, Vegan, Political (don't let that scare you off just yet) Metalcore (or that) band has come back with their latest album. Yes the album is very much about what the band is all about in their description, but the music is good enough to not pass up. This isn't the early 2000s Metalcore, it's much like Converge and their style of Metalcore. It's really cool stuff and refreshing to hear this style of Metalcore again. It's well worth checking out if you ignore how political the album is.


49.) Illudria- Sentiment

A tasty spin on Prog Metal The best way I have found to describe the band is a mix of Between the Buried And Me (musically prog twists and turns), Periphery (some early day djenty breakdowns), and Parkway Drive style vocals. While not the perfect album (it does start to run together after a while), there is enough hear to capture my interest for repeat listens. I really love it when a band can break out and do something different like this and with this being a terrific debut album and I can picture them only getting bigger and better from here.


50.) The Return South- S/T

Now this is definitely a game changer of an album. Like the name suggest there is a big Southern influence on this, but along with it is Post Rock, Rockabilly, Funk, and prog Rock. As much as I love the Post Rock movement, a lot of bands start to blend together in sound, not these guys. It is very distinct and superior in sound as if Mutemath, Meshuggah and Stevie Wonder all got together to make an album. It is a damn good start to a band that will make it far if they keep up this style of music and make it grow even more.

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