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I saw them in Ontario, Ca. a couple of months ago. It was a Christmas concert for some radio station I had never heard of. STP w/Chester and a couple of other bands were there too. I thought Korn was boring as hell, and Jon Davis uses a backing tape now. I hate to say that but it's obvious now. I thought he sounded too good at Mayhem a few years ago, so this time I really listened and there's no doubt he's not singing live. The only thing I thought was good was Ray Luzier's drumming
Stp with Chester was great, no lip syncing with them now. The setlist was great and Chester's vocals were about as close to the studio versions as you can be. He was impressive.
I also read an interview awhile back with David Silvera. I didn't read much of it but he said Fieldy is just a pussy. He said he would boss around the road crew and treat them like shit, but then when he walked away they would just laugh because they knew he was just a pussy with money.
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