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Russian Circles -- Cambridge, MA -- February 21st, 2014

This was my 5th time seeing Russian Circles and definitely not the last. They put on another crushing performance which left my ears ringing. My buddy and I were off to the left of the stage almost in the front row. We had a fantastic view. Love getting really close for these guys so I can see all the intricate playing. Especially from Dave on drums. KEN Mode and Inter Arma were also there and very good. No sets since I'm not too familiar with them. As always, when Russian Circles comes back to the area, I'll be there.

Russian Circles set:

Harper Lewis


Edit: Can someone fix the year in the title? My first post in the setlist forum and I fuck it up. Go me.
10/17 - Rock and Shock
10/30 - Defeater
11/03 - TesseracT?
11/07 - Acoustic Alchemy
11/24 - Shinedown

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