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It will be Taker/Lesnar this year. There's no way they re-introduce Sting to the wrestling fans and then a month later have him lose his first big match back. At least with Lesnar fans will buy that he could end the streak. If they did it with Sting this year there's no way anyone would believe he could possibly do it. If Sting does sign and perform with the WWE, which we've got no confirmation that he has yet, he will need to be built up as a threat to Taker. Next year would be better since they'll have time to give him a few big wins and let him look like a legit challenger to end the streak.

People seem to forget that Sting has been gone from mainstream wrestling for 13 years now. His return needs to be handled properly. They just can't throw him out there and have him job to Taker right away. A lot of fans now don't even know who he is and there's many more who would need to re-familiarise themselves with Sting since he's been away for so long.

Bad idea to waste Taker/Sting this soon. Let Sting appear at this years mania, after Taker wins, Sting comes out the the ring, doesn't say a word and just points his baseball bat at Taker. This will be Sting's way of issuing a challenge for next year's mania then they can properly build him up for Taker.

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