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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Not sure what you're getting at with "at least the bronze medal game will be good", but you're clearly cracked out. USA's offense has been absolutely deadly while Canada's defense has been lights out. If you're implying that Finland is playing exciting hockey, maybe you should have watched a game or two -- boring, boring collapse-in-the-d-zone crap that all the weaker Euro teams resort to when up against faster, more skilled competition like Canada, USA, Russia or Sweden.
It's not going to matter anyway. Despite having at least SIX FUCKING HOURS of Winter Olympics coverage per day for two weeks, somehow the BBC aren't going to be showing the semis, bronze medal game, or final all the way through. They're going to be showing bits of it live, while cutting away to other medal events in other sports as they happen. As a wise man once said, fuck that shit.

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