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Hello, I’m highjacking this thread. I’m moving in a few months so I’m trying to thin out my closet and get rid of some of the shirts I rarely wear anymore. I’ll take $5 each + postage for any shirt and cut you a deal if you want more than one. They’re all XL, a couple are slim fit where noted and have nothing on the back unless I mentioned it.

Top Row:
All Pigs Must Die (longsleeve) - band logo on back, “Bastard Soul” on one sleeve
Darkest Hour
Landmine Marathon
Between the Buried and Me (slim fit) - band name on back
Turbid North

Middle Row:
Skeletonwitch - deer skull w/ pot leaf design on back
The Sword
Decrepit Birth
Goatwhore - design and band name on back

Bottom Row:
Nile - “We Are They Whom The Gods Detest” on back
Housecore Records - “We Owe You Nothing” on back, logo on one sleeve
The Black Dahlia Murder
Cattle Decapitation (slim fit)
4/3 - Hemdale / Shit Life / Girth
5/2 - Ogrefest
5/8 - Master / Solstice ?
5/19 - Primitive Man / GutRot ?
5/21-24 - MDF
6/17 - SOAD / Melvins
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