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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
I was prescribed Prednisone 20MG, Azithromycin 500MG, and Ibuprofen 600MG.

HOOOOOOLY SHIT, I forgot how sensitive my body was to foreign substances (I have terrible anxiety too, which doesn't help at all with the feelings). The Prednisone to open my air ways wasn't TOO bad; the Azithromycin to fight the infection caused sooooooooooo much nausea it wasn't even funny, but helped; and the Ibuprofen... I think I'll choose to not take these on the fact that I feel like absolute shit after only taking half a pill (~300mg), seriously feel like I am on drugs!

I just want to be not sick
Time for my pharmacy job to kick in.

The azithromycin will make you feel like shit because your body will be working with it against the infection. Will also make you tired and want to do nothing.

Ibuprofen shouldn't be too bad but if you don't normally take it regardless you'll feel the effect since its a much higher dosage than the OTC (over the counter) kind.

Originally Posted by RAZOR View Post
I called off work today 'cause I've been feeling shitty with some bad congestion the past few days and haven't felt any better. I went to Med Express and they prescribed me a nasal spray.

It smells exactly like roses. If only I could of gotten it on Valentine's Day!
What nasal spray? If ya don't mind me asking!

And I'm sick as well. Getting over a flu to only fight a cold. Gotta get better with the Comeback Kid / Backtrack / Xibalba show on Thursday!
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