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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Seems to me Morbid Angel is just as big of a draw with just as many sellouts. Morbid Angel toured by themselves and sold out here with just locals opening. Black Dahlia Murder played a smaller venue and didn't sell it out and DEP played the same venue and pulled a good crowd, but didn't sell it out.

And again, it seems like you all are only taking into account recent record sales. There are people who will go see Morbid Angel over Black Dahlia Murder and DEP based on nostalgia only.

also get that periphery/btbam shit outta here
They didn't sell out here by any means, and I'm just talking straight ticket sales not record sales(obviously a lot of people didn't like the last MA record). Headlining BDM filled the same venue and DEP basically sells out anytime they come here(and have done so in atleast 6 diff size venues if you count one in the suburbs). MA could headline, but expect someone younger to be direct support to bring in a crowd(even CC had BTBAM the year they played).
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