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Metal Church -- Hollywood, CA -- February 16th, 2014

Kickass show from Metal Church once again. Mostly the same set as the last LA show, but with three new songs added and Mirror of Lies subbed in for Hitman. Very solid turnout, though the crowd enthusiasm went up and down. Basically no one cared for any of the newer songs other than Mirror of Lies, which they only cheered for after the song ended. Performance-wise, the band was on fire once again, and the sound was fantastic (though Kurdt's guitar was sometimes not too audible). Out of the new songs, Scream sounded the best.

01. Ton of Bricks
02. Start the Fire
03. Generation Nothing
04. A Light in the Dark
05. Scream
06. Fake Healer
07. Badlands
08. Gods of Wrath
09. Dead City
10. Mirror of Lies
11. Watch the Children Pray
12. Beyond the Black
13. Metal Church
14. Highway Star
15. The Human Factor

Can't encourage everyone enough to see this band, they seriously kill live. They just need to add Date with Poverty and I'll be on cloud flipping nine.

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