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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Wow, you played a show in fucking Marmora? That's awesome, and fucking remote. I camped in Marmora, but that's about it. The most rural Ontario town I can claim to playing a show in is probably Alliston! Let me tell you, those Alliston rednecks did NOT appreciate our music. I can only imagine what the Marmorans thought of yours!
Yeah, I'd never heard of the place before we played there and I've only driven through since. The locals were all fucked out of their minds and we brought our girlfriends, so they were all over it. Nothing like a bunch of mid-forties hillbillies on ATV's, high on whatever, at a punk show in the middle of a forest in October hitting on your girlfriend. That was when I knew I was a ROCK-STAR!
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