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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Question for vinyl people, since I don't have any like this:

When a vinyl has a "splatter" design that metal labels seem so keen to use these days, how is that achieved? Is it just like a picture disc, or is it in the plastic before the record is pressed?
No, my understanding is that splattered vinyl is no different than colored vinyl, not picture vinyl.

Vinyl in its natural state is transparent (clear). Most records are made from PVC mixed with carbon black, which is supposed to increase the durability of the vinyl. Colored vinyl is made from PVC mixed with dye. Splattered vinyl is made from PVC mixed with dye as well, the only difference being different colors of dye are splattered in the PVC. So to answer your question, yes, the splatter design is in the plastic before the record is pressed.

If properly made and pressed, it should be impossible to hear any difference between black, colored and splattered vinyl.

Picture vinyl is different because usually a thin decal is stuck on top of a conventionally pressed record, which results in sub par sound.
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