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If their Periphery based bands dominating the bill, MA can count on playing to the same amount of people as last time. MA's show/tour with Grave and Dark Funeral at Mojoes in Joliet had a better turn out. But not by much. Probably 300ish showed for a venue made for 600.

Shit, last I checked, even bands like Periphery have been drawing more people. I which it were the other way around but it looks like Illud was the ultimate plummet for Morbid Angel.

Many fans in the 90s moved on and either got into more underground stuff. Or not so underground stuff. You know, those people who make up THAT excuse of I'm "too old" to listen to death metal.

Point being, I would be very surprised if MA headlined it. The only way I imagine that being possible is if it were all extreme metal bands playing. But considering this tour is run by the same guy who runs Sumerian Records, Ash basically now uses SS as an outlet to promote what is on his label.
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