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Let's get real here.
Morbid Angel could've headlined this the 90's.

Morbid Angel just played the Chicago HOB on the Covenant tour and the venue draws around 1200 to 1300.

Less than 200 were there. I think around 150. Some of the people I know we're on the guest list for it.

A venue like Reggies would've been better suited for them. Or the Cobra Lounge.

Point being is this is the same venue that has held SS every year in Chicago and putting two and two together, not a good number when a band like Cannibal Corpse can pack those same venues w/o needing a tour like SS.

It can be a make or break performing to this type of crowd. I don't see them doing a tour where they would play only 30 mins with their large catalog, but after their last album they are definitely in need of a new generation of fans. I wonder if there will be a new album from MA in 2014
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