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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
After watching a Dean Malenko match, it made me wonder, when he did that gut buster move off the top rope how does he not tear his knee up everytime he did it? It looks so awkward when he does it when you look at the knee that his opponent falls on. Obviously I'm sure there's a safe way to do it but it looks like an easy way to tear up a knee.
Man, that move was awesome. I'm not aware of Malenko having any knee issues from doing it though.

To get a little deeper into it, I guess it's one of those moves that you don't think about the logic behind it and you're just supposed to see it from a standpoint of how cool it looks. We could go on all day about moves hurting the guy who is delivering it. A simple backbreaker should hurt your knee, I mean if it's hurting your opponents back that bad if should mess up your knee. What about the headbutt? There's no way it makes sense to clunk your opponents head together with yours since it will hurt you just as much. There's many more examples of this in wrestling. That's why I always loved that RVD sold that the frog splash hurt him every time he hit it. The logic made sense, there's no way that wasn't gonna hurt him almost as much as the guy receiving it.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Tyson Kidd.

His "return" (where the fuck did he go?) was great, that dude is skilled, but sadly, he isn't big, muscular and oiled up
Tyson Kidd is the reason why manager's should still exists today. Excellent in ring ability but has the charisma and mic skills of a dead rat. The guy could certainly be a solid midcard guy with a few good IC or US title reigns but he doesn't have anyone to talk for him and help build him up. They acknowledge that him and Natalya are married in real life so I don't get why they don't pair them up again like they were when they first came to the main roster. Natalya is decent on the mic and has some charisma, they should just have her talk for him again like they used to when they first debuted.

All Kidd has been doing in wrestling on NXT for the most part. I think he helps train people down there and that's why most of his work has been with them since his return.