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Christopher Nolan
David Fincher
Edgar Wright
...Kevin Smith?

I can't say I have a "Top 10 Director's" list, since most directors I do like some movies from also have some stinkers. I put Kevin Smith in that list because I love most of his work, but when he missed, he missed big. Cop out was a steaming pile, Jersey girl sucked, Red State sucked, and i'm one of the 4 people who've seen Chasing Amy and didn't think it was a masterpiece. Edgar Wright's done great so far but he's only done 4 movies, so the body of work isn't that big. James Cameron's good stuff is awesome, but his not good stuff is pretty mundane. I really think the only directors that can do something that makes me excited to see them based on the director alone are Nolan and Fincher, and Fincher has already given us some stinkers in Benjamin Button and Alien 3. I'm still waiting for Nolan's first bad movie. It'll come eventually.
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