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Other than Kirkman calling the show his do-over, the parts with Rick and Carl were almost word for word taken out of the book. That being said, when Carl said he learned the knot that tied the door from Shane, he said to Rick, "remember him?". Rick's response: "I remember him everyday".

I do a lot of comparing to the books, since I call the show an alternate reality to the books, which is clearly better than "writer's do-over", but I can keep the two worlds separate. Unless otherwise directed, I assume it is the show to be on topic.

Getting some back story on Michonne, Glen (1 n or 2?) and especially Daryl is going to make me more invested and thus break my heart even more if they are ever sacrificed.

I am hoping it translates to the show, and more directly, that the longer you can survive in the zombie world, the more likely you will be killed by either being careless or by another human.

I am looking forward to Abraham & co.'s intro and where that will lead.

For the record, I am about to start issue #103.
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