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Amon Amarth -- Denver, CO -- February 11th, 2014

I arrived to Summit Music hall, a venue I have never been to before and the line went around the block as the show sold out a few days ago; because of this I missed most of Skeletonwitch so I can't really give them a score.

Like I said it was packed; this venue has the floor area and a upper level with staircases on each side where you can hang out on and watch the show. Because I was late getting in most of the good spots for viewing were taken; I feel like because AA is so popular right now they could have done this at a bigger place and still sold out the house; I would say this place had 1500 or so people

Anyway after moving around I found a spot in the back right hand side and settled in for Enslaved. They are pretty good I'll have to check them out a little more

Around 10 Amon Amarth came on and the place went apeshit. From my standing point I could not make out if their were pits but I am sure there were. AA looked like they had a lot of fun and they were spot on. Mostly the fans reacted more to the classics but the new stuff from Deceiver of the Gods was received well.

Some highlights

-Before Destroyer of the Universe Johan commented on the amount of brewery in town saying one they checked out he felt was on of the best breweries they had tried out in North America. And he said it was packed at 2PM on a Tuesday, hence he loves that Denver knows how to party

- This has been done at many shows but it was awesome for the singalong on Pursuit of Vikings that he wanted us to sing the lyrics, and it didn't matter if we knew the lyrics, it's death metal, no one will know the difference

Overall I had a blast; the sound was great, AA was in top form, and even though it took me awhile to find a good spot, it was fun. I regret not seeing them last time around, and I will make sure to see them each time they come around to Denver or wherever I am living

Because I am not 100% sure of the songs Enslaved and AA played, I'll wait until they show up on but at least for AA they played the same songs that have been posted for this tour so far

EDIT: I think this is the right set for AA, save for a couple songs

Father of the Wolf
Deceiver of the Gods
Death in Fire
Free Will Sacrifice
As Loke Falls
Shape Shifter
Runes to My Memory
Varyags of Miklagaard
The Last Stand of Frej
Guardians of Asgaard
Coming of the Tide
Warriors of the North
Destroyer of the Universe
Cry of the Black Birds
War of the Gods
Twilight of the Thunder God
The Pursuit of Vikings

EDIT: Enslaved setlist

Death in the Eyes of Dawn
Allfağr Oğinn
07/19-Rob Zombie/Korn
08/06-Weird Al

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