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Destruction - Mad Butcher - July 25, 1987

Well, what do we have here? First, a re-recording of one of the better songs Destruction has ever made. I'm not sure how necessary it is, since the original sounds just fine to me, but this version does benefit from beefier, clearer production. Next up is a cover of "The Damned" by the Plasmatics. It's OK, not great. I mean, the original doesn't do a whole lot for me, and this version is... better, but still only does a little bit more for me than the original. The third track is the real winner here. "Reject Emotions" is a stellar thrash track, and wouldn't sound out of place on something like Slayer's Hell Awaits -- monster riffs, snarling vocals -- what's not to like? Lastly, we have a pretty forgettable intrumental that goes more or less nowhere and really only serves to remind us that Siffringer is an excellent guitarist.

I always find it hard to rate EP's versus full-lengths, but really only half of this is truly worthwhile sooo...

Standouts: Reject Emotions

Score: 5/10
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