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Moar article! This is a piece on Slough Feg and their new album Digitial Resistance. It's also heavily on Slough Feg's engineer, Justin Weis. As some of you may or may not know, I was lucky enough to assist with some of the sessions for the album. Well, I found out that my name won't be on the record (deservedly so, Justin did 99.9% of the hard work and this is one his best recordings and mixes ever) but I figured on the plus side that it would mean I could at least write an article without too much fuss or whatever. So I did.

I proposed the idea to Mike Scalzi months ago and he was stoked, so I reminded him and we got it rolling right away. I spent two hours on the phone with Scalzi just info gathering and shooting the shit. Scalzi is probably one of the most intelligent and genuinely cool people I know. He's the kind of guy that will take time out of his day to do something mentally stimulating like spend time with a friend even if it may inconvenience him. I really really wish more people my age or hell, more people in general were like Mike Scalzi.

I interviewed drummer Harry Cantwell next. He's just an incredibly cool and humble dude and a constant inspiration as a drummer to me, so calling him a friend is something I'm continually mindblown by. Our interview was via email, but it still worked super well.

Last was Justin Weis. He's a busy guy so it took a while to find a time to talk, but we eventually did and it was killer. He's been like a mentor to me in so many ways, which is again kind of a mindfuck since I worshipped the guy's work just two years back before I even met him. Hell, I still kinda do. Life's weirdly awesome like that right now. Anyway, here it is. I also threw in a fuckton of electrical engineering analogies and jokes and crap, I hope it ain't too enginerdy.
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