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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Forms? The fuck? Like, just to make sure that you're legit or something? Queensryche let me, a then-19 year old kid, do their third post-lawsuit interview and all I got was a "No questions about Geoff" a minute before, so why the hell does Manowar need a radio dude like you to fill out forms for an interview?!

Also this setlist is horseshit. Are they really charging 75 to 100 dollars for a 14 song set?
I can't post the PDF that came with it but this is the first part of the email i got back:

Dear Josh,

Thank you for your interest in an interview with MANOWAR. No doubt the MANOWAR fans in Minneapolis will appreciate that you are planning to provide them with the latest news on the band, and indeed there are a lot of projects and developments to talk about.

We will be happy to look into the possibility of an interview if you could please fill out and return the below questionnaire. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow us on and where you can find the latest news and developments. We thank you for you loyalty and support of MANOWAR and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Interview request forms:
Fucking Bullshit is what it is. I can see that for the biggest bands out there, but not fucking Manowar.
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