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i got...

Me and my friend both got the same stuff pretty much. When we got to merch table, they asked us what our size was, and then proceeded to put a random shirt in the bag. My friend got a Triumph and Steel shirt, i got a Battle Hymns 2011 Tour shirt. We each got a flag, again random, i got a Kings of Metal MMXIV flag, and my friend a wicked Sign of the Hammer flag. Then we each got a collectible coin, a fairly big travel mug, a lanyard card thingy mabober (just a piece of plastic pretty much), a beanie, a manowar necklace (of the hammer), and then two cds (we each got a copy of Sons of Odin Ep and Gods of War, both of which i have). My friend also scored a backpatch, so he got an extra lucky bag.

I honestly thought we'd get a shirt and maybe some stickers, but they went all out for the Detroit fans.
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