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Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
So Nergal was quoted as saying all US death metal is "boring and uninspired." While I agree there are a lot of shitty, processed US death metal bands these days, I find Behemoth painfully boring. Still, I decided to give the new album a shot today, and only made it through 4 songs. I think I just will never get the hype.
To be fair, you've misconstrued his words a bit. What he said was:

Extreme Metal music these days is often only extreme by definition. It is a never-ending process of striving for perfection. Too many bands are chasing this and the scene is becoming like the X-Factor for Black Metal. There is no danger and unpredictability anymore. The majority of Death Metal bands from the U.S.A are so generic, they all sound perfect. It is fast and technical but there is no substance. Bands forget about emotion when they strive for perfection. You should be driven by your intuition and not just be concerned with shredding on your guitar. Perfection is boring and uninspiring.
He's clearly referring to the recent wave of technical bands, not US death metal as a whole. This trend is definitely not limited to the US though.
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