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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
11.Brutal Legend

Genre(s): Action-adventure, Real-time strategy

Sure this game is cheesy, sure the RTS elements aren't that great, but this game is a phenomenal game in my eyes.The graphics are excellent, the combat is something different using a medieval axe and a musical axe, the ability to play solos to reign terror on your enemies and being able to hop in your hot rod anytime you want and blast heavy metal is so freakin' awesome.The story is great with a lots of good dynamics, and the cast is filled with known actors and heavy metal artists (Jack Black, Tim Curray, Rob Halford, and Ozzy Osbourne to name a few).Now as a heavy metal fan I have to say as far as video game soundtracks go, this definitely has to be my favorite."Angels Don't Kill", "Leather Rebel", "Blackout", "Diary Of A Madman", "Live Wire", "Hall Of The Mountain King", and "Youth Gone Wild" are just a few of the many killer metal tracks on here.
This was a good game, very funny and great music. The one problem I had was it tried to be too many things. Open world sandbox, RTS, RPG, action-adventure. It was okay at all those things, but it should have focused at being great at one. But like I said, the humour and the music made it an awesome play. Any video game with TWO Enslaved songs is something special.
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