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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post
Totally agree that they'll never top Monument. However I thought this was their most enjoyable album since Iron Will. Really loved how instead of going to more rock route they have been since Hammer they beefed it up again and made a more metal album. Plus the riffs are just way better imo.

Horns For Teeth
Blood Eagle

Have you checked this out Ravenheart? Or the new Wounded Kings? Both are phenomenal doom albums that will be making my EOTY list.
I don't think I see as much in the new GM as you do Prefer Hammer of The North, actually. The riffs on this one are so soft. The bass is more prominant than the guitar most of the time.

Got to say I've never liked Conan or Wounded Kings. Both English, so had plenty of exposure to them over the years. Wounded Kings in particular are dreadfully boring live.

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