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Basically Manks got on his twitter and encouraged some of his friends to post here claiming I was having a 'meltdown'. He is making various claims of me ripping off The place where everyone apparently goes for shitty metal reviews (their facebook page has a whopping 200 something 'Likes' so there may be a few people there who disagree with my sentiments). So everytime I post he follows it up with some cheapshot aiming for attention or to belittle me or my website which is funny because some people who know him in person claim he's far too prissy to do that to anyone face to face.

NickLed has his panties in a wad because I called his Mayhem Fest prediction wrong even though he lucked out & got 2 of the bands correct. His 'friend' talked to one of the bands who told him Korn, A7X, Asking Alexandria and In This Moment were locked in. He got butt hurt when I told him it was BS. Whats funny is ITM conducted an interview a few days ago saying they were considering different summer tour offers even though Nick's 'friend' says they were on the tour months ago. They may play but it would be coincidence unless ITM is BSing. Plus he was mad because I called him out on harassing my ex gf for nude pics constantly.

So that is where the drama is stemming from. You will probably have Detuned chime in with a link and a story about this via in a few minutes.
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