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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Yeah, it's pretty good. More straightforward black metal sound than any of the material on Sky Burial, if you ask me. I like it.
It's perfect because it's the right balance of all of their influences. While I like the fact they went everywhere and still made a cohesive record on Sky Burial, this just proves they can go out there and rip one if they want to.

Set Forth to Annihilate
From Crotch To Crown
Prostitute Disfigurement

Pretty solid death metal album.
2/26 - Taake, YAITW
3/3 - Conan
3/8 - Wake
4/8 - Pig Destroyer
5/27-5/29 - MDF
6/2 - PUP
6/8 - sunn O)))