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MPF's 2014 Music In Review

Hey guys

I figured I would try to do what I tried to do last year. Review music all year round rather than wait till the end of the year. I am already up to 8Gbs of music for 2014 already and i am feeling up to reviewing these albums as i get them.

Keep in mind, I get promos from bands, I am fortuneate for that, so that said, not all albums are available as i review them, if they are not out yet for the general public wait to get them, pre-order them. I don't advocate illegally downloading, there are so many other ways to hear the albums instead of stealing.

The reviews will be much like previous years. Reviews out of 10 and reviewed as their own merit. These reviews and opinions are mine and mine alone, feel free to agree or disagree.

The first several are based in absolutely no particular order as I have a fuck ton of albums this year already, once I get caught up, then they will be based on when I get them.

So here we go...

1.) Structural Disorder- The Edge Of Sanity

This is definitely an album for fans of Haken. It's a bit Darker, yet even lighter than Haken, without so many quirky moments, but filled with folk instruments and accordion in several moments. There is some shorter songs, a couple interludes, and a couple epics including the title track. Again if you love the Prog band, Haken, these guys will absolutely be up your alley, they are phenomenal and barely anyone knows of them...yet


2.) Woods Of Desolation- As The Stars

This is is how Atmospheric Black Metal should be made. Dark, Eerie, almost scary, but hauntingly uplifting at the same time. The music is melodic in it's evilness The production is very Black Metalish, but not unbearable like most Black Metal. I am in love with this album and I think it could be considered a Blackgaze classic in the years to come. It's done right in every aspect. For Blackgaze fans everywhere, if you don't know of Woods Of Desolation, you are missing out on the best band in the genre as Alcest is pure Post Rock/Shoegaze now.


3.) Adrenaline Mob- Men Of Honor

I am so damn torn on this band. I hated the first EP, but I liked Omerta to an extent, Coverta was awesome, but this....this is Grade A 'Merica Disturbed/Five Finger Donkey Punch Hard Rock/Metal. The lyrics, which i do my best to pay the least amount of time on, make the music unbearable to me. Russell Allen why have you forsaken me? This album is just Tough Guy Rock and I can't stand it, some can, I can't. It makes me sad because I love Russell Allen, then this makes me realize there has been 4 Adrenaline Mob releases since a Symphony X album, let that sink in for a minute...


4.) Seamless- Reflective

Spacey Djent. After The Burial meets Periphery's first album. The clean vocals are the very whiny to my ears. If you hate Spencer from Periphery's vocals (which I happen to love) you will despise the cleans hears. The growls here are definitely good and it;'s too bad they aren't the only vocals. The music is nothing special if you know your Djent music. More of the same of a genre that will be gone away within the next year or two.


5.) Chrome Division- Infernal Rock Eternal

A Supergroup of Black Metal musicians doing sleazy Hard Rock. it is actually done right. It doesn't feel contrived, all natural, just guys in a tr00 genre breaking away and having fun. Pick this one up for a fun album of sleazy and Death inspired Hard Rock, it's done right, and rightfully so.


6.) Red Dragon Cartel- S/T

Jake E. Lee is back in full force with his new band. The music is pure Jake E. Lee, the only problem here is the vocals are bit overbearing at times, but it's pure 80's Hard Rock, a little Rob Zombie-ish Hard Rock at times, and Jake's personal spin on Hard Rock. While not a perfect album by any means, it is a fun listen for what it's worth.


7.) Hail Spirit Noir- Oi Magoi

Avant Garde Black Metal. It's messed up music. Psychedelic, Black metal, overall.....what is this? Metal. Some of it is perfect, some is not quite there, but they have been doing this for so long, they get away with it. If you need to experiment, check this one out.

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