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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
Yeah, I'm wrestling with them. I love Supporting Caste, and I always told myself it was on the borderline of metal. But according to Metal-Archives' criteria for metal, Propagandhi don't fit because they don't consistently use metal riffs.

What do you guys think of their rules? Obviously the definition of metal is amorphous, but if you had to draw the line, where would it be?

It baffles me on first blush that BTBAM, Protest the Hero, Converge, and Miss May I are not on metal-archives. Its a shit standard, but they have the biggest database.
Metal Archives rules just reek of elitism and pretentiousness. Their site is a great resource when you're looking up a band you've never heard of or looking for information about a band, but any site that refuses to list BTBAM because they're not metal but still lists Rush is still pretty terrible.

The lines between genres are becoming more and more blurred nowadays. If I had to define a line for metal, it'd have to be at a case by case basis. A band like Propagandhi straddles the line so much between metal, hardcore, and punk sometimes so it's hard to set exact boundaries. Metal Archives certainly makes that a bit harder sometimes...
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