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Originally Posted by toolfansat View Post

Went to Boston Beer Works after the show to hang and have a few and Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved came in and was having a few beers with the metalheads in the crowd!
A friend and I went to Boston Beer Works after the show too and spent a good hour and half at the bar with Cato from Enslaved talking about beer, food, traveling and fishing. He is such a nice guy he even bought us a round after we bought him a couple, he also gave us each a bottle of Underberg which I have no idea if I should drink it or just leave it as is. We saw Grutle there too and he was with a bunch of people at a booth but didn't get to meet him. 30 minutes before last call Olavi and the sound tech from Amon Amarth showed up hanged with us and Cato. It seemed like Cato and Olavi had a really genuine friendship with each other based on the ball busting and joking around they were doing. It was a great way to cap the night.

As for the show, I mostly went to see Enslaved as they are one of my favorite bands and it was my third time seeing them. I had never seen Amon Amarth live but was curious and was blown away on how good they were. I've been going to metal shows for 20 years and I rank that show as one of the best I've been too. Just a great crowd and it was the first time in a long time where all three bands you could see where having a good time and having fun being on stage. I think that attitude pours into the crowd and made it a festive night.
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