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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
In my continuing quest rewatching the great years of wrestling, I'm watching No Way Out 1998. I know this was about the only real lazy ppv WWF had in '98. But with it setting up WM14 it's to be expected.

My question is in the big 8 man match that's Owen/Austin/Cactus/Chainsaw vs HHH/NAO/Savio, how is the addition of Savio not remembered more fondly as being one of the bigger letdowns in their history? Savio? I mean was Brakus or Tom Brandi busy? From reading there was a big hype over the replacement and that Houston crowd hated that announcement. Is it bc '98 was such a great year so that's just swept under the rug?
I looked up the event on wikiepedia to refresh my memory and I honestly can't even recall in the slightest any of the matches on this show and I got every PPV back then. Probably because it was between the Rumble where HBK got hurt and the mania where Austin got the belt, it's completely forgotten about.

The attitude era really got into full swing once Austin got the belt so Savio being in that eight man tag was easily something to forget. Of the guys not on the card that night, Savio was probably the guy they liked the most so they threw him in there. Last minute replacements can be very hit and miss in wrestling.