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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
If you don't include guys like Rock or Batista who just come back from movies to appear sometimes or guys like Taker and Lesner who only some up sometimes than by far the top 3 over guys in WWE are :

Cena, Punk, Bryant.
OK, I know I'm gonna nitpick here but you've made this mistake too many times now. The name is "Bryan" not "Bryant".

I'm still not so sure this isn't a work with Punk. After he dropped the pipe bomb in 2011 a lot of mainstream news outlets covered it. Even Jim Rome asked Punk to come on his radio show and vent his frustrations. So, the fact that it's getting a lot of coverage doesn't mean it's legit. If it is true, I'm fine with that because Punk had a great WWE career. The only championship he didn't win was the US title. He will certainly be in the hall of fame one day.
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