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2.Killswitch Engage-Disarm the Descent

Yeah I was one of the assholes that led to Disarm the Descent finishing in the site's year-end top 10 I've defended why I loved this album so many times here, so I'll keep this brief. Disarm the Descent quite simply was a brilliant throwback to the glory days of metalcore and Killswitch as a band: Jesse Leach delivers an amazing vocal performance, the hooks/riffs are catchy as all hell and the energy level is infectious. Disarm the Descent is a bold reminder of exactly why Killswitch became one of my favorite bands and a triumphant return to the band for Leach.

Standout Tracks
1.Beyond the Flames
2.The Hell in Me
3.A Tribute to the Fallen
9/28 Coheed and Cambria
10/10 Limp Bizkit
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