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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
I want to know what exactly you would want Motley to play.How could you hate a Motley set with their best album played in its entirety?
Well first off, it's not their best album. It's not even their best album with Vince. But they'll never play anything off their best album with Vince in the band, so that's kind of a moot point.

But I would rather they play a genuine cross-section of their career, not just the big dumb hits off the early albums (some of which do deserve their place).

Something like (not in order):

Dr. Feelgood
If I Die Tomorrow
Wild Side
Slice of Your Pie
First Band On The Moon
Sick Love Song
Louder Than Hell
City Boy Blues
Saints of Los Angeles
Save Our Souls
Shout At The Devil
Let Us Prey
Sticky Sweet
Hell On High Heels
On With The Show
Girls, Girls, Girls

7/5 Bryan Adams
8/5 Corey Taylor
12/5 Gov't Mule
25/5 Zakk Wylde
28/8 Zakk Wylde

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