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Originally Posted by dwils65 View Post
They came on around 8:15 or so. Played almost two hours. The front of the house was cabaret tables, filled by I assume theater benefactors/members, as where the first few rows. They where very lame and lethargic. Schenker would be soloing inches from peoples faces, and they just stood there emotionless. The back of the house was OK, but Doogie had to tell the front to stand up after the first song, that is how bad it was. We ended up on the side maybe about 10 feet from the stage by the end, but no one was allowed into the cabaret area other than the seat holders, so from the stage it must have presented a weird dynamic. Back of the house cheering, front just sitting there.
This is why I hate the Sellersville Theater and generally don't go there. They only sell the tickets up front to theater "club" members and such for the first weeks they're on sale, so by the time they go onsale to the general public, all the good seats are gone to the people who care the least. The website won't even tell you where your seats are when you attempt to buy them online. It's a small room so specific seat numbers in a row are basically irrelevant, but I care whether I'd be sitting in Row B or M.
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