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Originally Posted by TheNobleFaceHumper View Post
Your set was pretty awesome, although it was slightly weird seeing Mario up there, I'm so used to seeing him with Riptorn.

Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it. We knew going in that a majority of the crowd was going to be straight death metal fans, but we were still honored to be allowed to share the stage with these guys, Nocturnus and Obituary in particular of course. We were just trying to put on as entertaining of a show as we could and not embarrass ourselves. Our band members all love and respect death metal so it was nice to hear the crowd reaction considering thats whats they ultimately came to see, lol. Thank you again for the review we already have our next show booked we're just waiting on the go ahead to announce it.
As for Mario, he looks odd all the time, but in particular when he has a guitar in his hand instead of a bass.
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